PCA & Whittle Laboratory KTP – Low Ns Turbine – April 2024

08 April 2024



PCA and the Whittle Laboratory, University of Cambridge (https://whittle.eng.cam.ac.uk/) are collaborating on an experimental validation of PCA’s novel turbine technology through a 2-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project (www.ktp-uk.org) funded by Innovate UK (https://www.ukri.org/councils/innovate-uk/ ), and managed by a KTP Associate, Dr Pangbo Ren.

The patented technology has a number of potential applications, including as high-performance expanders for thermal energy recovery systems such as Organic Rankine Cycles, in the 50kW to 500kW range. The turbine design combines partial admission with multi-pass expansions through a single rotor, using 2D profiles machined from commonly available materials. The project will demonstrate the cost and performance benefits of this novel arrangement on a realistic, 3kW unit running on heated compressed air.


The project has already successfully met key milestones, including finalising the aero-thermal and mechanical design of the test unit, engaging primary suppliers to produce the unit and specifying the test conditions and the general layout of the test rig.

The next phase of work will see the manufacturing of the various test unit components, and the sourcing and assembly of the test rig, in preparation for commissioning and testing at the Whittle Laboratory from Q3 2024. A successful demonstration of the turbine will pave the way for commercial exploitation of the technology from 2025.





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