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Turbomachinery Design

Turbomachinery aero-mechanical design is PCA's principal service to clients, delivering industry-leading solutions across a broad range of market segments for over 25 years.

Engine Boosting

PCA leads the independent consulting field in the optimisation of compressor and turbine stages for turbochargers from small passenger cars through to marine and rail traction applications.

Power Generation

PCA's compressor and turbine designs are at the heart of core engines for power generation from large axial machines of many MW to small Micro Gas Turbines of a few kW.

Aircraft Propulsion

The forefront of aero-mechanical design, highly loaded stages at high Mach number. PCA's design and analysis capability delivers maximum aerodynamic efficiency with reliable, mechanical integrity.

Industrial Compressors

Industry leading efficiency, wide operating range designs from single-stage air blowers to multistage real gas machines.

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PCA Engineers Limited is an international engineering consultancy specialising in turbomachinery aero-mechanical design and turbomachinery design software.

Turbomachinery design is PCA's principal service to clients. We have been designing turbomachines for industry since the Company began in 1989. PCA is one of very few companies worldwide that can provide a full turbomachine design service.

  • Centrifugal and axial compressor design
  • Radial and axial turbine design
  • Fan design
  • Expander design
  • Pump design
  • CFD analysis
  • Software systems for turbomachinery design
  • Finite Element structural analysis
  • Field service problems in compressor or turbines
  • Re-rate of in-service turbomachinery
  • Training in turbomachinery design
  • Expert Witness services