Turbomachinery design training

A typical course format comprises: fundamentals, preliminary design, performance prediction, geometry modelling, throughflow development, followed by CFD-led optimisation. Whilst the emphasis is on aerodynamic design, stressing and vibration analysis are also covered, at any level from an introduction to the fundamentals through to detailed instruction on finite element analysis of key, mechanical turbomachinery components and interaction with the aerodynamic design. The course content is based on well-developed core material, tailored to suit the individual needs of the client. 


The course tutors have long experience in turbomachinery design, both in former positions in industry and at PCA. Training is often a follow-on activity downstream of a consulting project and, in that case, the training can be based around a real problem, already highly relevant to the delegates. Courses are normally held in-house at PCA, though delivery at the the client's premises is also possible; the course duration is normally between one and three days. Suggested numbers are between one and five engineers to ensure complete participation and interaction for all delegates.

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