New book on radial compressors

06 May 2021



This new volume, published by Cambridge University Press (CUP), is intended as an introduction to the theory and engineering practice that underpins the component design and analysis of radial flow turbocompressors. It is applicable to machines over the full range of relevant market segments, including: process compressors, IC engine boosting and gas turbines for aerospace and ground-based power generation.

The authors have many years of experience in the design and analysis of centrifugal compressors and in the development of 1D and 2D methods that are in regular use within PCA's consulting business and licensed to clients worldwide. The book distils that knowledge and expertise to give:

  • Descriptions of applications, concepts, component design, analysis tools, performance maps, flow stability and structural integrity, with numerous illustrative examples.

  • Wide coverage of all types of radial compressor over a range of applications unified by the consistent use of dimensional analysis.

  • The methods needed to analyse the performance, flow and mechanical integrity that underpin the design of efficient centrifugal compressors with good flow range and stability.

  • Explanation of the design of all radial compressor components, including inlet guide vanes, impellers, diffusers, volutes, return channels, deswirl vanes and side-streams.

The text is aimed at all engineers with interest in radial compressors, from students and those entering the field through to experienced, practicing designers with a broader outlook who are looking for insight into the models and techniques applied by the authors.

The book is on sale in the UK from mid-May 2021 and in the US from mid-July. Futher information from the publishers can be found here offering a discount for early purchase and a limited preview is available from CUP or via Google Books.