IMechE Webinar on centrifugal compressor design

30 November 2018

Radial turbocompressors are used in a wide range of applications including blowers, turbochargers, micro gas turbines, refrigeration systems and large multi-stage compressors for process gas and air liquefaction plants.

Dr Hamid Hazby and Dr Mick Casey are PCA's specialists in centrifugal compressor design with over 50 years of experience in this field between them, supported by many technical publications.


Firstly Dr Casey will give an overview of the working principles of centrifugal compressors and important parameters used for design and sizing of these machines. Then, Dr Hazby will explain the challenges involved in the design of high speed impellers. 3D design approaches and aero-mechanical constraints are discussed.


Visit the IMechE's website to listen to the recording. You will need to register to gain access.