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VistaCCD App

PCA's VistaCCD code for the preliminary design of centrifugal compressors is now available for the iPhone and Android. Download it free of charge from the App Store or






VistaCCD is a well-used code for the preliminary design of centrifugal compressor stages. Working from the target mass flow, pressure ratio and shaft speed, the code gives a rapid estimate of the key geometrical features of the impeller and a prediction of the efficiency based on PCA's well-established Casey-Robinson correlation, taking account of tip-clearance and Reynolds number.

Users can manipulate the design by adjusting a range of parameters such as backsweep and impeller diffusion to explore design options within a set of constraints or to determine what shaft speed would lead to the optimum design to maximise efficiency, for example.


Designs can be saved and emailed to other users or back to PCA for further discussion.


The full version of VistaCCD includes a wider set of correlations for efficiency and can be applied to real gas, this is available as a stand-alone code from PCA Engineers and is made available to users licensing ANSYS BladeEditor within Workbench.


We hope the App is of use and would welcome any feedback.