Vista TF throughflow code (Version 2.2) frozen

08 October 2008

The Vista TF code is a streamline curvature throughflow program for the analysis of any type of turbomachine, but has been developed in the first instance primarily as a tool for radial turbomachinery analysis and design, such as centrifugal compressors and radial turbines in turbochargers. Development was started in January 2005 and the code has since become a standard tool for radial turbomachinery design within PCA and several of their clients. An explanation of the theory of the code and its special new features related to spanwise mixing, and its use for choked blade rows, can be found in the IGTI paper published earlier this year:

Casey, M.V., Robinson, C.J, "A new streamline curvature throughflow code for radial turbomachinery", ASME TURBOEXPO 2008, Berlin, ASME GT2008-50187



An additional paper at the same conference describes its use together with a parameterised geometry description for radial compressor design and optimisation:

Casey, M.V., Gersbach, F., Robinson, C.J, "A new optimisation technique for radial compressor impellers", ASME TURBOEXPO 2008, Berlin, ASME GT2008-50561



The code development of Version 2.2, with all the features needed for radial turbomachinery, and many features that can be used for multistage axial turbomachinery, has now frozen for incorporation in the upcoming ANSYS 12.0 release where it will provide a capability for a through-flow (S2) calculation for rapid evaluation of the design of radial blade rows (pumps, compressors and turbines) at the early stages of the design optimisation. Further development is now ongoing to incorporate treatment of real gas version which will be issued as version 3.0 during 2009.


The Vista range of turbomachinery software includes 1D design and off-design performance codes for axial turbines, radial turbines, axial compressors, centrifugal compressors, and centrifugal pumps and additional throughflow codes for axial turbines and compressors (SC90T and SC90C).


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