Turbocharger Aero Design

26 January 2009

Professor Mick Casey of PCA Engineers and ISTM Stuttgart will be one of a team of experienced lecturers at a short course on the design of fans, compressors, pumps and turbines at the Lehrstuhl fur Stromungsmechanik at the Technical University, Erlangen in Germany between 2nd and 5th March 2009.


The course covers a wide range of applications from axial ventilators to relatively high pressure ratio compressors, including mixed flow or 'diagonal' impellers. Professor Casey will concentrate on the aerodynamic optimisation of centrifugal compressors and radial inflow turbines for turbochargers in his talks on Thursday 5th March. The course aims to illustrate best practice in current design and also to give insight into future developments by describing ongoing research and development in optimisation, CFD and testing of turbomachinery.


Application of CFD is now widely accepted as an essential element of cost-effective optimisation of turbomachinery. Dr Georg Scheuerer and his team from ANSYS GmbH will describe the latest developments in that field and demonstrate the turbomachinery capability within the CFX suite. 

The course is run by Dipl.-Ing Phillip Epple and his team  at LSTM Erlangen. More details can be found (in German) by following the link below.