New download in Mandarin

20 December 2008

PCA has made available an introductory document in Mandarin for Chinese visitors to our site. The document is available by following the link:


One of our experienced engineers, Dr Xiahong Wu (Jason) is a native Mandarin speaker so we are able to offer some support to clients in that language. Dr Wu obtained his PhD from the Beijing University of Aeronautics in 1997 after completing MS and BSc degrees at the same university. His specialist area is in turbine aerothermal design and in numerical simulation of unsteady rotor-stator interactions in turbomachinery. 

PCA is committed to the expansion of its business in China and welcomes the opportunity to support Chinese clients in the development of their turbomachinery technology, both with software to support the design process and in consultancy projects. PCA recognises the importance of training and technology transfer in this developing market and this will be a key element of our work in China.