IMechE Turbochargers and turbocharging conference 2014

09 May 2014


The conference takes place at the British Museum in London on 13th and 14th May 2014. PCA will be present in the exhibition adjoining the technical sessions where staff will be pleased to discuss aspects of compressor and turbine aero-mechanical optimisation and turbomachinery design software that may be of interest to delegates.


Dr Hamid Hazby will present a paper written jointly with IHI Corporation, Japan, entitled 'Design and testing of a transonic mixed flow compressor for an extreme duty'. The paper reports on the design and testing of a mixed flow compressor stage with an extremely high flow coefficient and a high pressure rise coefficient. The objective of the work was to explore the performance potential in this highly unconventional area of the design space. The paper describes the aero-mechanical design approach and discusses the challenges involved in developing such highly loaded, compact stages. Aspects of the impeller design taken from modern practices in radial and transonic axial compressor designs are also discussed. The test data obtained on a prototype stage is presented alongside CFD predictions. The results show that acceptable performance levels can be achieved at these extreme design conditions and further exploration of the design space is worthwhile.


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