EU Projects 2006

03 May 2006

The two IP's are known by their acronyms - MOET and NEWAC. NEWAC stands for NEW Aero Engine Core concepts and seeks to achieve a step improvement for low emission aero-engines engines by introducing innovative core configurations to attain large reductions in CO2 and NOX emissions. These advances will be achieved by developing and validating new engine core configurations using heat management (intercooler, cooling air cooler, recuperator), improved combustion, and adapted and improved core components. Among the twenty-one partners in the project are SNECMA, MTU, Rolls-Royce, Avio, Oxford University and Loughborough University.



NEWAC includes design and manufacture of the innovative components and the project will perform model, rig and core tests to validate the critical technologies. PCA's role will be to undertake CFD analysis and comparative studies on centrifugal and axial flow compressor configurations. Significant improvements to axial compressor design and centrifugal compressor design are expected as a longer-term consequence of the studies.

The advance and benefits that NEWAC will bring to Europe in terms of more efficient and environmental-friendly air transport will be disseminated widely to all stakeholders. Furthermore a training programme will ensure the transfer of expertise and knowledge to the wider research community and especially to the new member states of the EU.

The latest news is that PCA has just signed up to NEWAC and work on the project will start soon. Important advances in axial compressor design are anticipated.


moet_r2 MOET

MOET is a consortium of 62 partners from 15 countries and the acronym stands for More Open Electrical Technologies. The project aims to establish a new industrial standard for commercial aircraft technologies, focussing on on-board power management systems. Over a three-year period MOET will validate scalable electrical networks, assess the PbW concept integration, and build a design environment that will be intended to validate standard solutions.


PCA will support Liebherr in the development of an integrated ‘smart power pack', in which PCA's high pressure ratio compressor design capability will play a vital role.