Enhancements for PCA's axial compressor throughflow code

09 March 2006

Developed by PCA since 1990, the code already contained a large number of features vital to axial compressor design. They include: a range of verified loss and deviation models, split-flow fan capability, transonic blade inlet conditions, and spanwise mixing. 

Recently added, in the earlier 2006 release, v6.3, were the following:

  • application to high pressure ratio multistage compressors with as many as 15 stages 
  • an improved design mode
  • blade force calculation
  • an entirely new environment, based in Excel, in which to run the code and to post-process results
  • additional loss model: Miller and Wright


In the latest release, v6.5, the following new features have been added:

  • improved handling of Miller and Wright endwall losses 
  • facility to customise radial loss variation
  • improved treatment of split-flow fans
  • improved treatment of near-choke flow