Recruitment 2015 - Current vacancies

09 April 2015

The demand for PCA's engineering consultancy services is continuing to grow and we are very keen to recruit experienced and enthusiastic engineers, particularly in the fields of steam turbine aerodynamic optimisation and mechanical analysis of rotating machinery, but not exclusively – experience of all turbomachinery market sectors are of interest. Although experience of working in an industrial environment is a distinct advantage, we are equally happy to hear from relatively young engineers with strong CVs and enthusiasm.


In a small consultancy business such as PCA there are excellent opportunities to develop quickly and to take significant responsibility. All engineers can expect to have a client-facing element to their work and will be responsible for projects from inception to delivery. Our policy is to encourage participation in conferences and trade shows, giving our staff the opportunity to build their reputations within the turbomachinery community and to support and encourage those not already Chartered to achieve that status.


In addition to competitive salaries and assistance with relocation, the Company operates a generous staff share scheme so that all can benefit directly from their contribution to the success of the business.


Steam turbine aero-thermodynamics

Fossil fuelled steam turbine plant remains a major source of the world's power.  Increasingly tight emissions requirements for greenhouse gases mean that new and retrofit turbines must be increasingly efficient.  PCA is increasing its capabilities in main steam path design to service the challenging requirements of this industry.  We would be delighted to hear from experienced aero-thermodynamics engineers keen to make significant contributions to steam turbine performance improvement.


Structural Engineer

An excellent opportunity exists for a Structural Engineer with a strong background in rotating machinery - ideally in turbomachinery design and analysis with a gas or steam turbine background. We are looking for an excellent fundamental understanding of stress and vibration issues in rotating machinery; sound knowledge of the relevant finite element (FE) analyses to ensure safe operation of high-speed machines, including creep and fatigue assessment.